The PCOS Workshop - all the information you need to heal naturally!

End the confusion! Find out the type of PCOS you have & the nutritional nuances to healing!

Together we will learn how to be in control of your health, with a step-by-step, delicious method!

It’s time for you to heal – and it’s possible.

You’re inundated with confusing information,

You’ve been told & you’ve tried everything, and you see no long lasting results

In the PCOS Workshop + a 1-on-1 consultation with me, we’ll get rid of the confusion,

Get to know the four types of polycystic ovaries and we will learn together how to test which type you have.

Together, we will pinpoint  nutritional nuances for each type of polycystic ovaries-

to put an end to repeated attempts at any type of diet,

making the healing shift a way of life in a delicious, orderly and simple method,

And understand *exactly* what suits *you* & your body on your journey to naturally healing!

You are invited to join me:

The PCOS Workshop

I share information that you need, to start healing your body naturally with practical and simple secrets that have become a way of life to heal my body and the dozens of women in my different programs!

Join me live on June 12th @ 9:00 pm Israel time

(recording available if you can’t make it live)


Join me for a personal 1/2 hour 1-on-1 consultation

What will be covered in the Workshop?

Who is the workshop for?

Frequently asked Questions:

1- Where does the workshop take place?

The workshop takes place online on Zoom. Once you register, you will receive an email with a link to the workshop that will open on the day and time of the workshop.

2- I really want to eat healthy, but I do not have time to mess with the kitchen all day. Will this workshop suit me?

Absolutely! We will learn how to eat healthy as a way of life with a minimum of fuss in the kitchen!

3- How does the personal consultation call you receive as part of the workshop take place?

Once you sign up, you will  to receive an email with a link to reserve your counseltation call – please choose a date within 2 weeks from the day of the workshop – I’m excited to meet you face to face 🙂

4- I can not attend live during the workshop, will there be a recording?

Yes, the recording will be uploaded to the Workshop platform after the live session and will be available to you forever (as long as this workshop exists) so you can rewatch the material learned over and over again when you feel the need to refresh or if you feel the need to progress step by step in your process.

5- I have tried a lot of diets in the past, including zero carbs and a few other crazy things and I have not been able to “heal” the polycystic ovaries – what is different about what you teach?

Yes, I too have tried every diet you can imagine since I was a teenager, so I understand the frustration along with the doubt …

This is one of the reasons why it is so important for me to pass on this information – so that you can stop with all the failed and discouraging attempts.

I went through so much until finally I was able to recover from PCOS – I learned from the experts around the world, I tried everything on myself – and I have a system that just works –

Beyond general guidelines, there is a matter of very personal accuracy for each and every one and everyone needs to know this.

When it comes to nutrition for hormonal balance – nuances play a big part

And I’m going to convey the information to you in a simple, clear way and together with tools that will help you make it a way of life …

Hi! I'm Miriam Love!

I personally cannot wait to guide you during our workshop and personal consultation call…

The nutritional changes & nuances I will teach you have literally changed my life.

I experienced firsthand what it feels like to finally and for the first time in my life experience a regular, calm, pain-free and drama-free period.

I went through low places and back in everything related to my health journey and finally managed to find a way to take control of my health, do it happily and make it a way of life even though my life can be crazy… and more than anything else, I want to share it with you today!

I am a Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, specializing in Women’s hormonal health and I am so lucky that I have been able to help hundreds of women like you heal their bodies, be in control of their health and lives, using the healing power of delicious food!

If you suffer from polycystic ovaries, this workshop is the greatest gift you can give yourself – to understand what is happening to your body, to know how to be precise and to leave the frustration and never-ending despair behind. Because it is possible. And it’s your time to embark on your journey of controlling your health !!

I look forward to meeting you in person to continue the precision we will begin together in our amazing and life-changing workshop!

Sending love,


"Thank you Miriam. As someone who 'consumes' a lot of information about proper nutrition - you were able to both surprise me with new information & put all the mixed up information I already had in order!."
Adva V.
"Thank you very much for the helpful and instructive guidance. I have been following you lately and learning a lot. I am really glad that I found you and your excellent workshops ..."
Avital A.

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