Episode 13

The Surprising Things You MUST Know About Iron

with Rachel Bessin, Naturopathic Doctor & Herbalist

Are you suffering from fatigue?

Usually, when we’re tired, we tend to think it’s because the kids kept us up all night, or maybe because our life is so hectic we’re always running around,

but sometimes it’s because you are just missing iron.

Surprisingly, the tests your Dr. sends you to won’t always show if you indeed have an iron deficiency.

In this week’s episode, Rachel Bessin, the Naturopathic Doctor on my team & my very dear Mother, joins me to talk all about iron-

why it’s so important, especially in child bearing years,

what symptoms you may be experiencing,

which tests to ask your Dr. for,

we give some ideas for foods that are rich in iron & how to get them to absorb better,

as well as advice on supplements that won’t cause constipation.

This is such an important episode to help you take another educated step towards your healing journey!

Are you ready?

Sending love,


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