Hi! I’m Miriam Loev, Culinary Nutrition Expert &Health Coach specializing in Women’s Hormonal Health. I’m married to Lazer, Mother to 6 cuties & living in the gorgeous vast Negev dessert.
I am a graduate of the Academy of Culinary Nutrition & founder of Midbari in Israel (a center that helps women naturally heal their bodies using the power of food) as well as the host of The Healthy Jewish Mama Podcast & I continually learn & follow research from the leading experts on Women’s health.
My passion is helping women like yourself heal their bodies naturally & happily.
I’ve been through a heck of a health journey with PCOS, recurring miscarriages, weight issues, pre-diabetes, seasonal chronic asthma & allergies & cysts growing on my intestines.
I’m sure you could imagine the frustration, loneliness & disappointment I felt towards my body as well as despair from my situation.
Going through all that I made a decision- that no one has to deal with these feelings anymore!
I am here to serve you!
I was able to heal my body with the foods I ate.
Honestly, after being locked in doors during all of Spring for fear of dying- I am able to spend all my days’ outdoors. Breathing is once again just a regular occurrence,
I was able to balance my blood sugar levels & get rid of any fear of diabetes,
My hormones are balanced, my period is regulated, painless and all together awesome for the first time in my life.
I have new energy for life.
I have the ability to care for myself and my family!
But most of all- I made peace with my body & because of that I was able to bring this change from a very loving, accepting & happy place.

In general, people are often surprised to learn that food could heal your body. But if we think about it- the foods we eat are sending messages to our cells & DNA instructing our body exactly how to function.
If we eat foods that the body doesn’t identify as food- our immune system will attack, our bodies will be in a state of inflammation & our cells won’t receive the nourishment they so desire.
If, on the other hand, we choose real foods, dense with vitamins, minerals & nutrients- our bodies will be nourished and be able to return balance & health.
Our body knows to work harmoniously- we just need to lay the ground for it to be able to do just that!
It’s an issue of finding the foods that serve us & leaving the others behind & going on a journey of love towards ourselves- love in the image of food.
As Hypocrites said: “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food”.
I’m here to help you perfect your nutrition to heal your body, make the change as easy as possible with our chaotic lives, and do it happily knowing the greatness of your journey to being in control of your health & your life!
Thank you for trusting me & joining me on this journey!
Here’s to your happy & easy health journey,