Episode 10

The 2 Secrets to Awesome Energy All Day

with Miriam Love

How many times does your energy crash during the day?

Do you find yourself reaching for a cup of coffee or something sweet to lift you up?

I had a time where I used to fall asleep by 5PM- even before getting the kids to sleep!

I was so exhausted!!

But honestly, it doesn’t have to be like that! You could have balanced energy all day long- without the ups & downs!

In this week’s episode of The Healthy Jewish Mama Podcast, we talk about the 3 things to add to every meal to balance your blood sugar, your hormones & of course your energy,

& finally I share with you my 2 secrets to make sure I have awesome energy all day long!!

Are you ready?

Sending love,


p.s. I assure you I was rolling alongside the kids on the grass (pictured above)… and no, I don’t have a picture for proof lol

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