Episode 17

Postpartum Nutrition

with Ilana Hart, CNE

I am so excited about this week’s episode on “The Healthy Jewish Mama Podcast”, because I got to chat with my friend and study buddy Ilana!

Ilana Hart is a Pregnancy & Postpartum Nutrition Counselor, a Culinary Nutrition Expert, and a Certified Instructor with the Academy of Culinary Nutrition. She is also a mom of 2 girls, ages 3 & 5.

Ilana’s motto is: A nourished mama is a happier, healthier mama & she is joining me today to talk all about Nutrition for new Moms, what foods we should avoid &what superfoods can help our body heal postpartum.

We also have an important conversation about postpartum depression- and nutrient deficiencies to look out for.

And finally, Ilana shares some great ideas, tips & tricks to take all this knowledge and make it easier to eat a healthy & nourishing diet for tired, sleep deprived mothers.

Ilana is passionate about helping women feel more energized during the hugely transitional time of pregnancy and early motherhood. She loves getting creative in the kitchen with easy, delicious snacks and meals that are also practical and quick to make & I’m so excited she joined me to share all this with you!

Sending love,


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