Episode 18

How yo Emotionally & Spiritually Prepare Your Girls for their Period

with Rebbetzin Chana Carlebach, Intimacy Coach

So my daughter is 3, & I’m really only dealing with a lot of teenage boys at home right now, but it doesn’t stop me preparing for when my sweet Noga will reach the age of getting her Period.

Especially since I had such a hard time when getting my period.

But before talking about the nutrition that will help our girls not suffer from cramping & other symptoms, I really wanted to address the emotional side as an opening to talking about the nutrition.

Chana Carlebach is my guest today.

I met her on the Facebook group: “Jewish Women talk about Intimacy” where I was so happy to be invited to give a talk about Libido & birth control & today Chana will be talking to us all about preparing our girls for this amazing transformation.

I have to be honest that this interview hit me raw in facing the hardships I went through with body image, intimacy as well as where all this meets me as a Mother of a girl & I can’t wait to hear what you take away from this open & loving conversation!

Sending love,


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