Episode 21

How to REALLY Be Healthy When Your Life is Crazy

with Miriam Love

I have to be honest- I feel like I’m always running around.
With 6 kids, a full time job, & so much more, it’s hard to find time to take care of myself.
In the past, I kept telling myself that I’ll wait till the kids grow up to have the time to eat properly.
Or in my mind, I’m always waiting for that next phase in life where things will calm down/get easier/something will happen & then life will be less crazy & I’ll be able to do everything I plan for myself- like make delicious & healthy meals or go to yoga…
But really, if we don’t make things happen, nothing external is going to come to our rescue.
I’ve had to change my health completely while finding a way to do it that would be sustainable for my crazy busy life.
On today’s episode I am sharing with you the 3 things I do to make sure I don’t get left behind.
These 3 tips really helped me manage my chaos in a way that even though I don’t want to go into the kitchen because my kids took over & turned it into a sand storm scene (that’s a real thing here in the desert, I promise lol), I still have food to eat,
and even though I really wanted to add health to my life, though never got around to doing it- this helped make that happen!
Are you ready to dive in?

Sending love & wishes for a Chag Sameach!


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