Episode 22

How to Prepare Your Body for a Symptom Free Menopause

with Miriam Love

Recently I’ve had women join my healing programs who were suffering terribly from menopausal symptoms or who actually decided to join my program to prepare their body’s for menopause.

I really admire that women plan ahead & do what needs to be done for their health.

The symptoms of perimenopause leading to menopause are no joking matter.
And even though it’s only a phase & will pass,
you could prepare your body to live symptom free or reduce symptoms such as heat waves, insulin resistance, sleep deprivation, low metabolism, night sweats as much as possible.
In this week’s episode we talk about how perimenopause is a window of opportunity for great health moving forward & what we can do to make sure to utilize this window.
We also discuss the importance of having as many natural periods as possible for the health benefits we reap from natural hormones who will soon disappear.
And finally, we talk about the 5 things you need to take care of now to make sure you lower or eliminate any perimenopausal symptoms-
with a dive into the foods you should eat, the foods you should avoid & more tips & tricks!
Are you ready?
Let’s dive in!

Sending love,


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