Episode 25

Taking Control of Insulin Resistance

with Miriam Love

How many times have you tried getting rid of sugar from your life?

You’ve been told it is important, but truthfully, from my experience, when you don’t fully understand what is happening with your body, it’s hard to commit to making a lasting change

& don’t even get me started on the very real sugar cravings & even sugar addiction!

Let me make this VERY clear- You CAN take charge of your life, & having Insulin Resistance, Diabetes or PCOS does not have to be the headline of your health & life.

So today, we will:

1- Understand why we have Insulin Resistance & what that actually means

2- We will talk about the hormonal health challenges that come from Insulin Resistance

3- And finally, we will discuss how to be in control of your health & still enjoy food & life.

I have Insulin Resistance & found it so very hard to get rid of sugar from my life.
There are a few steps I took that made all the difference which we will be discussing in this episode!

Pull up a chair & let’s dive in!

Sending wishes for abundant health & much love!


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