Episode 26

Easy Herbal Remedies to Elevate Your Mood

with Sara-Chana Silverstein, Master Herbalist & Author of Moodtopia

I have a special guest joining me today on The Healthy Jewish Mama Podcast!
Sara-Chana Silverstein is a Master Herbalist, Classical Homeopathy, and the author of the newly released book MOODTOPIA. She is a wife and mother of seven children. She makes frequent appearances on all the TV networks across the US and is also interviewed on podcasts and online and print magazines. She teaches people how they can safely integrate alternative medicine with conventional medicine. She also guests lectures at Medical Schools and medical conferences nationally and internationally.
& she is joining us today as we discuss herbs you can use to elevate your mood!
anxiety, depression, gloominess, overwhelm, heartbreak, feeling stuck sadness & brain fog- each one of these can be helped using the potent power of herbs!
Join us for this informative & fun conversation!

Sending love,


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