Episode 27

How to Navigate Getting Off the Pill

with Miriam Love

I got some e-mails recently from Women who have made the decision to quit hormonal birth control for the sake of their current & future health,

& are opting to use non-hormonal contraceptives.

I’ve mentioned in past episodes the importance of our natural functioning hormones for our mood, brain health, bone health, breast health & more,

as opposed to the bleed which occurs when we are on hormonal birth control- & there is no ovulation with hormonal birth control, therefor- no production of progesterone- the oh so important hormone for our health & happiness even after we go through menopause.

So, the questions I got were about different side effects these women are experiencing when getting off the pill.

So, today we are going to be talking about some of the possible side-effects YOU may be experiencing:

1-      Acne

2-      Mood Fluctuations

3-      Non-existent or Irregular Periods

We will understand why this is happening & we will be talking about natural ways you can help your body transition in a calmer way.

Are you ready to dive in?

Sending love,


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