Episode 28

Foods for Great Intimacy

with Leah Peleg, Marriage & Intimacy Coach

What we eat has an impact on our body, mind and spirits, we all know this.

Our mood, libido & desire all stem from our intricate hormonal system,

& surprisingly, even when eating a healthful diet,

There are certain foods that can play a role in our intimacy for better or worse.

On this special Zoom call that Intimacy & Marriage Coach Leah Peleg invited me to,

we will be understanding our bodies at a deeper level with regard to mood, libido & desire,

so that you can be in control from a place of knowledge.

We will be discussing foods that may be interfering with our hormonal system

& therefor causing mood imbalances,

And finally we will be learning about foods that could really make a difference

in your journey to great intimacy!

I am so excited that Leah let me share this amazing conversation we had with you

& I’m sure you will get so many nuggets of wisdom you can implement in your life immediately!

Are you ready?

Let’s dive in!

Sending love,


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