Episode 30

Tips & Tricks for Partying & Travelling on Chanukka

with Miriam Love

We are headed North for a few days to celebrate Chanukah with my family.

And as much as I am a seasoned traveler & partier today on my health journey,

I remember how hard it was going to parties & traveling anywhere, when I was at the beginning of my journey to health & trying to figure out how to enjoy myself, eat well, & make sure to stick to my health goals.

Also, after speaking to some of my clients & realizing their worries about getting through this beautiful holiday, I decided to give you my best tips & tricks for how to navigate Chanukah, being invited to parties, going away on vacation while you are on your health journey.

We talk about car rides, parties, hotels & day trips & I even have some amazing recipes I will be sharing with you!

Are you ready?

Let’s dive in!

Happy Channuka & Sending love,


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