Episode 32

Foods to Alleviate Pain for Endometriosis

with Miriam Love

Today we are going to be talking about a topic near & dear to my heart- endometriosis. I should really say that these women are near & dear to my heart, since I have had the honor of being able to help women suffering from endometriosis on my programs. Their suffering is just so horrible. Really, my heart goes out to anyone suffering from this horrible autoimmune disease.

I’ve experienced hands on how beneficial an anti-inflammatory & gut-healing diet is for women with endometriosis who have been through my programs.

They went from being in agony not only around their period- but just on a daily basis they were in pain, to living completely pain free when sticking to the way of eating we learnt.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for Endometriosis.

But, there are natural remedies for endometriosis that can be utilized before turning to hormone treatments or invasive surgical procedures.

So today I want to dig down with you all about nutrition to help with the symptoms of Endometriosis.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

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