Episode 35

Where I Got Stuck on my Health Journey & What I Did

with Miriam Love

I am going to be getting real with you about my health journey.

Specifically, I’ll let you in on where I got stuck, where I was struggling & what I did to get me through that & onward healing my body.

Now, I’m not going to be talking about things that were hard- like actually finding time to make myself food or to find the time to actually sit down & eat that food. 

Those are real & very important obstacles to learn how to deal with & actually I am going to be discussing this in depth in my upcoming Masterclass next week!
Have you signed up for that yet?
This free Masterclass is called: How to Heal Your Hormones with the Power of Food.
I will be talking about the 3 secrets to eating well, healing your body & making it fun & easy, so if you haven’t grabbed your free seat yet, head over here!

So, what will we be talking about on this episode? 
I want to share some hard truths I had to deal with as well as some hard times I went through that had the potential of stopping my healing journey in its track & how I was able to overcome these obstacles.

I’m hoping that these tips I share can be useful for you when moving forward on YOUR special journey to health.
Are you ready?
Let’s dive in!

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