Episode 36

Can Nutrition Really Heal your Hormones? 3 Women Share their Story

with Miriam Love

Have you heard the amazing and exciting news?

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a step-by-step formula to fully understanding & healing your hormones,

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In this program, you will go from feeling frustrated with balancing your hormones to fully gaining control.

You will get the exact steps needed to take control of your hormonal health through eating nutritious & delicious foods

& learn how to create daily habits to make it a sweet way of life!

Registration ends next week on Thursday, Jan. 20th & we get going on Jan. 23rd.

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So today, I asked 3 of the lovely ladies who have been through the Hebrew program to share their healing story with you.

I know that when deciding to make a really monumental change, we can have our reservations & be hesitant not only to take the leap but in believing in ourselves and our ability to really make it happen this time around.

That’s why it was important for me to bring you these stories to get inspired & maybe answer some lingering questions you may have around The Healthy Happy Hormones program.

Let’s dive in!

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