Episode 37

Nuances for Balancing Hormones

with Miriam Love

There are 4 steps for healing your hormones using the power of food & nutrition.
step 1- Nourish your body
step 2- Get rid of Inflammation
step 3- Strengthen your Microbiome
& step 4- Personal Nutritional Nuances- this is the step we will be talking about today.
This is where things get personal & specific for YOUR body, & YOUR specific hormonal imbalance.
No 2 bodies are the same, & as much as the 3 1st steps are crucial for any woman dealing with hormonal imbalance,
Whether you’re…

  • Suffering from Infertility & there doesn’t seem to be a reason
  • Suffering from other Hormonal Imbalances such as PCOS or PMS
  • Suffering from a Hormonal Autoimmune disease- such as Endometriosis, Pre-diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes or Thyroid issues
  • Going through Perimenopause & would like to be symptom free 

Step #4- is what wraps it all up nicely with a bow & makes sure that all the amazing work you’re doing on your healing journey is specific to YOU!
So let’s dive on in!

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