Episode 40

How to "make it through" Quarantine with your Kids

with Tamar Rund

After talking about the 2 hormonal health issues related to Covid 2 weeks ago,

I realized that for some (myself included), there are aspects of this crazy Corona time that are even harder…

This week, In celebration of our 40th episode,

I invited my sister, Tamar Rund to join me & talk about the emotional aspect of dealing with Covid as it relates to being in lockdown or quarantined with our kids.

Honestly, this is one of my biggest struggles, keeping my kids entertained & not going crazy in the process…

 Tamar is my mentor when it comes to parenting.

& she has some amazing tips & inspiration to share with you that you can use whether you are stuck at home with your kids because of Covid, or just regular vacation time!

I’m so excited for you to join our sister conversation today in hopes that this will spark some calm in a time of craziness as it has done for me.

Listen in to start getting inspired!

Sending love & wishes for health & happiness,



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