Episode 43

How to get "unSTUCK" from Emotional Eating

with Shira Gura

I am an emotional eater.
If I’m upset, if someone insulted me, if things are not going the way I planned or if I’m in a stressful situation,
I’m reaching & searching & munching on food.
In the past years, I’ve become more mindful to this & it has helped me embrace that this is something I do, as well as be able to make choices & be more in control.
But Shira, my guest on this episode, has taken dealing with Emotional Eating to a whole other level…

On this episode, Shira Gura is joining us to teach her “UNSTUCK” method & how it relates to emotional eating.

Shira Gura is an emotional well-being coach and author.
She is the creator of simple, but powerful mindset tools that help people get emotionally unstuck so they can effectively cope with the obstacles life throws at them.
Shira is the international award-winning author of the books, “Getting unSTUCK: Five Simple Steps to Emotional Well-Being” and “The CLEAR Way: Five Simple Steps to be Mentally Prepared for Anything” and is the host of the weekly podcast, “You Can Handle Anything!”

The 5 steps Shira teaches were so eye- opening for me, & what’s amazing is that you can use this tool right away!!
Are you ready to deal with emotional eating from a whole new, refreshing & calming perspective?
Let’s dive in!

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