Episode 45

Taking Care of your Health while Coping with Extreme Stress

with Tanya Yarkoni

I recently was invited by my friend Tanya to give a talk to the amazing women in her community.

Tanya helps caregivers be intentional, find joy & make changes to their lives & I was invited to talk to them about stress in relation to our hormones & the effect of nutrition on both.

I was very honored to talk to these brave people who really do experience daily & sometimes extreme stress in their lives.

We got into how stress can affect our health & hormones & what foods can worsen stress, but mainly we talked about what foods can help lower Cortisol in the body to help balance our health.

I think what I was most passionate about during this talk is talking about how to make eating healthy sustainable AND manageable especially for these women with intense schedules.

I asked Tanya if I could share the recording from our talk together as I believe that we all could benefit from these tips for our hectic lives along with the knowledge to better understand our body, & Tanya most graciously agreed.

I honestly finished this talk on such a high & had a hard time winding down to get to sleep, so I hope you get a lot out of this episode & enjoy it as much as I did!

Let’s dive in!

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