Episode 47

1st Aid for Seasonal Allergies

with Miriam Loev

Spring is upon us my dear friends & with that comes seasonal allergies or Hay Fever as you may call it.

I used to suffer severely from seasonal allergies with post nasal drip & seasonal asthma.

I used to lock myself in the house & wait for summer when spring arrived, if I wasn’t hospitalized that is with severe symptoms & shortness of breath.

Today, I am able to go hiking in nature with my family during spring. Yes, that’s right!

So in today’s episode I will be sharing:

* Foods to avoid that can worsen your seasonal allergy symptoms

* Foods you should be eating that help lower inflammation, boost your immune system & lower histamine

* As well as supplements that could help lower allergic responses in your body.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

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