Episode 50

THIS is the Key to Healing

with Miriam Loev

Happy Israeli Independence day to you all.

We are also celebrating 50 episodes of The Healthy Jewish Mama Podcast & I am so excited that these two events come together so perfectly.

You know, when I was young, in the first years of my period- my relationship with my body made a turn for very bad.

I had PCOS & at the time had no idea that that’s what I had, I had excruciatingly painful periods, Advil was my best friend but barely did the job, I started gaining weight & feeling very insecure with my body. Those were the 2 main issues that occupied my time, my thoughts, my relationship with my body…

I felt lost, out of control, really hating on my body & we had no idea what was happening.
This brought on some habits that made dealing with these hardships easier to bare, but not really helpful for the long run.

In this episode I am sharing what I did to regain Independence on my health & what the main key is for YOU to make this happen as well!
Let’s dive in!

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