Episode 55

Secrets from my Healthy Summer Skin Routine

with Miriam Loev

Summer is my absolute favorite season- the sun, the long daytime hours, the fruit omg, & summer also happens to be when I celebrate my birthday.

And this year, in 2 weeks, in fact I am celebrating my 40th- crazy. I don’t even know what to make of that, honestly. But I try to think what my Baba used to say- that she never used to be embarrassed by her age because she earned every single year- so amen to that!

But in any event, I’ve been noticing some changes in my skin lately, like a little bit of wrinkles, some more freckles… Let’s just say that I don’t really look 21 anymore- surprise, surprise, & I realized I should probably start making sure I stick to my skin routine more often because I usually don’t really do anything on a daily basis, & more on a “hey look at that, I’ve got a few minutes of quiet when I just got out of the shower & no one’s banging on the door because someone tried killing someone else, or as it was yesterday, someone tried flushing a toy down the toilet- ok, I have time to take care of my skin” lol!!

So I’d love to share with you today what I consciously do for my skin, especially in the hot summer months.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

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