Episode 57

Physically & Emotionally Young at 40

with Miriam Love

“You are only as old as you feel you are!”
Those are the wise words my Savta shared with me a week ago leading up to my 40th birthday.
I found this piece of wisdom really profound as it could relate to both the way you feel physically or the way you feel emotionally.
And heck, most of the time it’s a mix of the 2- they really do come as a packaged deal.
So on today’s episode I will be sharing the physical hardships I have overcome, but the ones I am still left to deal with & what my plan is moving forward.
I will also share the emotional Mindset shift I made to start caring for myself after many years of neglect, & the recent trick I’ve added to my days to make them just really happy & wonderful. (Don’t worry- it’s not that hard)
Are you ready? So let’s dive in!

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