Episode 59

Keystone Habits for Health

with Havva Mahler

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen when it comes to habit changing, 
is the thought that we have to do everything perfectly- otherwise it’s just not worth it,
or the constant feeling of fighting against ourselves to be able to achieve some success.
These both don’t work.
Oh, believe me, I’ve tried!
I invited Havva Mahler to the podcast today to give us some super insightful tips for success when it comes to building healthy & sustainable habits.
Havva is a Chinese Medicine Practitioner who after 10 years’ experience treating hundreds of patients in complementary medicine and learning what interventions really helped produce lasting improvement, now specializes in habit change and healthy lifestyle coaching.
So I am so very excited to invite you to listen in to some of these brilliant AHA moments all around habits.
Let’s dive in!

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