Episode 62

Back to Basics Summer Challenge- Sleep!

with Miriam Love

The kids are home for a long stretch of vacation & I find myself focusing most of my energy on them & just somehow making it through the day without my house looking like a war zone, while making sure they are fed & not killing each other…

Can you relate?

In honor of this very crazy period, & because especially in times like these, it’s so very important to continue taking care of our health,

I put together a special treat for you my friends-

The Back to Basics Summer Challenge!

Each week during the summer vacation we will meet here for a shorty episode, in which we’ll… that’s right! Get back to basics!!

I will give you a small, yet impactful challenge for the week.

Basics that we know make a huge impact on our health but we don’t always get around to making it happen, well, because life just gets in the way.

Let’s make our summer special & healing together, step by step on this super easy & effective challenge!

Are you ready for your second challenge my friend?

Let’s dive in!

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