Episode 7

The 3 Secrets to Making Healthy Eating Oh So Easy!

with Miriam Love

I have a question for you- How many times have you tried changing your diet?

How many times did you have to deal with the anguish of feelings of dissapointment when “failing” again?……

I could tell you that this was my pattern.

Even after learning nutrition, I realized that I still had days I was running around like crazy, not eating & ending up hungry!

Being hungry led me to grabbing whatever there was (usually very not healthy)… Can you relate?

So I made it my mission to find easy tools to be able to eat healthy as a way of life, without failing. Tools that work for anyone who has a crazy life & busy schedule… (Cause don’t we all?…)

In this week’s episode on The Healthy Jewish Mama Podcast, I am sharing the 3 secrets I learnt on my health journey to make change & healthy eating sustainable & oh so easy!

Sending love,


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