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Episode 52

The 3 Mistakes you May be Making with PCOS

with Miriam Loev

So this is a special episode as it will be opening a series of 3 episodes all dedicated to PCOS- or polycystic ovary syndrome.

If you are suffering from PCOS, you can be experiencing a number of different symptoms, the one that’s common to all women suffering from this syndrome is irregular periods- this can be irregular in the time or amount of periods you get or don’t get, & it could be irregular when it comes to pain, or amount of bleeding.

There are other symptoms you may be suffering from like fertility issues, hirsutism (hair growing on your face or other body parts), abdominal fat that just can’t seem to melt away no matter what you do & more.

This topic is my baby- I suffered from PCOS most of my adult life & was finally able to figure out how to heal naturally.

and today, to kick off this series we will be talking about 3 common mistakes I often see women with PCOS make & why it could ruin your chances to heal!

Let’s dive in!

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