Episode 54

Top PCOS Tips & Tricks Everyone MUST Know

with Miriam Loev

Ok, so I’ve got to be honest- I tried changing my nutrition for so many years and so many different ways!

When I was finally able to change, heal my PCOS & stick to it for years now, it was because I decided to be attuned to my body’s cues.

I understood finally, the importance of having a relationship with my body- & a healthy relationship involves a lot of listening & learning, & even when mistakes are made- that doesn’t ruin a strong relationship- we just learn from our mistakes, move on & become even stronger, together.

So I realized I had to pay attention where I was having a hard time & figure out how to learn from that hardship & try something new to make it work.

So in today’s episode, to wrap up this 3- part PCOS special series, I share with you where I was having most difficulties & my top tips & tricks for actually being able to make a sustainable nutrition change in order to heal PCOS.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

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